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Del Rio Pontoon - How to play this game

How to play this game

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 Del Rio Pontoon  Casino Del Rio  
Del Rio Pontoon
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How to play this game

Table description

The Pontoon game table includes the playing area where the cards and played chips are displayed, the bet area that shows chips of available values, and the button area with the player’s action buttons.

Click on the chips to place your bet, and begin the hand.

The following action buttons are used:

  • Deal/Rebet . This button is used to start the hand once you’ve placed your bet, or to quickly bet the same amount as last time.
  • Hit . When you click this button, another card is dealt to you.
  • Stand . When you click this button, you tell the dealer that you are happy with your hand. The dealer then reveals his cards and hits or stands as necessary.
  • Double . If you believe that you will get a winning hand this time around (for example, if your current total is 11 and there’s a good chance the next card will be a ten; or you have four cards with a low total and want to take your chances with a Five Card Trick hand), you can click this button and double your bet. You can only use this button once per hand, but there is no limit to how many cards you can draw after doubling – as long as you don’t bust. You can also double after splitting.
  • Split . If you start out with two cards with equal rank, you can split the hand in two. Your bet will be doubled, and another card drawn to each of the two hands. You can then play both hands against the same dealer’s hand. Only one of the split hands can be split again (up to three hands total).

Shortcut keys

You can use the following shortcut keys to speed up gameplay:

  • Spacebar – to start a new game round (and rebet if you haven’t placed a bet manually)
  • Number keys – to enter your bet amount
  • Esc – to end the game and return to the lobby.

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