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Blackjack Rules

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Il BlackJack e’ un gioco popolarissimo nato nel 16 secolo in Francia, con il nome vingt-et-un (20 and 1), da qui il nome 21. E’ tradotto in Inglese perche nel BlackJack il giocatore che ha un Asso di Spada Nero e il Jack di Spade come prime due carte e’ pagato una percentuale extra, e la rima e’ piu’ orecchiabile (come “chuck a luck” o “acey duecy”). L'oggetto del gioco e' di avvicinarsi il piu' possibile a 21 senza sballare.

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Blackjack Switch
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Lo scopo del Cambio di Blackjack de Casino Tropez e’ che il totale delle carte in ogni mano sia piu’ alto del totale del dealer, ma non superi il 21. Le carte hanno lo stesso valore che hanno nel Blackjack. L’asso vale o 1 o 11, le figure 10 e le altre carte valgono quanto il numero riportato su di esse.

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  • Blackjack Table

    Blackjack table

    1. Place bet here
    2. Player's cards (5 and 5)
    3. Dealer's cards (A and ?)
    4. Player can hit or stand
    5. Double
      As the name implies, doubling down means that you are doubling your wager on the chance that you will win. The only catch is that you must take one, and only one more card.
      Most players will double down when their first two cards total ten or 11. The reasoning behind this is that odds are good that their next card dealt will be a ten, giving a total of 20 or 21.
    6. Split
      When you receive a pair, two cards of the same value such as two 8's, you are allowed to match your original bet and split the two cards into separate hands. Each card of the pair becomes the first card of an independent hand, with a wager that applies only to the hand to which it is attached. Split hands are then played out one after the other, both receiving an additional card and then following the route of hitting and standing. Because the two hands are independent, both hands may be lost, won, or a combination of the two.
    7. Insurance
      Insurance is only offered when the dealer's upcard is an ace. When the dealer has an ace card showing, it is assumed that the dealer could have a 10 card as their hole card. The player must put up one-half of his original bet. If the dealer does have a blackjack, then the insurance wager wins and the player is paid off at a rate of 2:1

    Blackjack Basic Rules

    At Download Series we bring you two different kinds of Blackjack; basic Blackjack and special Blackjack games.

    The basic games are Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack and Spanish Blackjack.

    The special games are: Blackjack Switch, Bonus Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, Super Fun 21 Blackjack and Triple 7’s Blackjack.

    Basic Blackjack rules
    In blackjack your objective is to beat the dealer in one of two ways. You can either accumulate a higher score than the dealer without going over 21, or sit on a lower score and hope that the dealer goes over or busts. All face cards (jacks, queens, and kings) are given the value of 10, and an ace is worth either one or 11, depending on how you want to use it in your hand. Subsequently, any hand that contains an ace that is valued as 11 is called a soft hand as opposed to a hard hand which does not. The remaining cards are worth their face value. The highest hand in the game is a blackjack or a natural, which is a two-card hand that totals 21. The player's hand can not be beat unless the dealer also has a blackjack, which in this case is called a push or a tie. Three or more cards totalling 21 may have the same value but do not beat out a natural 21.

    Blackjack Winnings

    Winnings Pays
    Winning Hand 1 to 1
    Insurance 2 to 1
    Blackjack 3 to 2
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